Adam Kelly

President - Michigan

Adam Kelly lives in Chelsea, Michigan with his wife and three dogs. He became a member of Michigan Search and Rescue (MISAR) in 2015. Both he and his wife serve as K-9 Handlers and Field Support Specialists. Since joining MISAR, Adam has immersed himself in all aspects of SAR. He has also dedicated time to specialized learning and teaching about technology and how it may be applied for use in Search and Rescue. Adam and his dog, Zephyr certified in the Area II discipline for the first time with the NSDA in December of 2018.

Adam has worked professionally in the field of Sports Medicine since 2008 and became a Certified and Licensed Athletic Trainer in 2012. Adam received his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, a Master of Science in Athletic Training from Illinois State University, and he completed graduate coursework at the University of Miami, Florida and Michigan State University.

Adam is employed by Probility Physical Therapy in Ann Arbor, MI and works in their Sports Medicine and Sports Performance clinic. He enjoys lifting weights, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, hiking, and trail running with his wife when they are not busy with SAR or work.