Amity Larsen

Amity Larsen

Director - Idaho -

Amity has been actively training search and rescue canines since 2014. She has certified with four dogs to date in Human Remains Detection, Tracking/Trailing, Area Search, and Article Recovery. She currently has two certified dogs that she deploys with, and two young dogs in training. All of her K9 partners have been German Shepherd Dogs. She is a member of the Lewis County (Idaho) K-9 SAR, and holds memberships in several SAR organizations.

Amity was first introduced to SAR as a young child when her father was an active member with several different local organizations. He served as a ground pounder and mounted horse posse. He was exceptional at orienteering and had spent much of his time in the wilderness. Later she would work for several law enforcement agencies that regularly used their volunteer search and rescue as well as calling in K-9 teams from out of the area for assistance.

Amity's background includes attending college with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Psychology and Behavioral Science. She grew up on a farm with a variety of animals and worked in a vet clinic while attending college. She would go on to work for the Idaho State Department of Agriculture Division of Animal Industries as a Livestock Investigator until 2015. Currently she owns/operates a dog training business, and co-owns a private K-9 detection business where she trains and deploys detection dogs.

Amity and her husband have one son, as well as seven furry dependents. Of those seven, only one is a pet. All of the others have jobs, which keeps everyone busy.