Terry Crooks

President - Montana -

Terry Crooks has over forty years of experience in SAR, over thirty years of it in K9 SAR. Terry was on the first board of NSDA, participating in the development of testing standards, evaluator expectations and handler ethics. Experience has led Terry to working several multi-discipline K9's, as well as having been an evaluator for various K9 organizations.

He has worked on the teaching and writing of standards and the training, testing and deployments of his K9's all over the US and Canada. He has experienced success in all disciplines of K9 deployment. He has been fortunate to work with national disaster teams as well as several US, local and state agencies.

Terry is the local minister for the Libby Church of Christ and has been married to Thesia, his wife for fifty years. They have a son who is a minister in Belgrade, MT. and a daughter who is an ER Specialist in Anchorage, AK.

Terry is an avid cyclist and hunter. Growing up on a farm/ranch around livestock, plus a lifetime of hunting, has provided a solid background in animal behavior, weather conditions and search tactics as a given way of life.