NSDA Evaluator Information

In order to: Request a test, locate the closest evaluator, solve a testing problem, ask a question or contact others in your area who want to test

Contact Testing Program Manager, Rhonda Dyer at rdyer [at] n-sda [dot] org and watch the Upcoming Evaluations page for future listings.

Lists of Evaluators

Evaluator Applications

NSDA Approved Certifying Organizations

  • AERIE Alliance for Emergency Response Instructors and Examiners
  • CARDA California Rescue Dog Association
  • FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
  • IDHS Indiana Department of Homeland Security
  • IPWDA International Police Work Dog Association
  • KCSD King County Search Dogs, State of Washington
  • MAT+SAR Matanuska Susitna Valley Search & Rescue, Alaska
  • NAPWDA North American Police Work Dog Association
  • NASAR National Association for Search and Rescue
  • NNCDS National Network of Canine Detection Services: Land HRD
  • NNDDA National Narcotic Detector Dog Association
  • OSD Oregon Search Dog: Air Scent Standard
  • PSARC Pennsylvania SAR Council: Air Scent Standard
  • SARDUS Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States
  • Tri-State K-9 Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho
  • SCVSARK9 Snohomish County Volunteer Search & Rescue Team, State of Washington: Air Scent Standard
  • SUSAR State Urban Search & Rescue Alliance

NSDA will consider standards from other organizations on an individual basis. The organization must be recognized by NSDA as an outstanding leader in K-9 training, testing, documentation and professionalism. A copy of the standard for the organization to be considered must be submitted and approved by the Board of Directors before the organization can be accepted.

Proof of Evaluator Status in each Discipline for which you are applying:

Applicants for Area, Trailing or Land HRD must provide proof of having performed five (5) evaluations. This includes the date and agency for which you put on a test.

Applicants for Avalanche, Disaster or Water HRD must provide proof of having performed three (3) evaluations. This includes the date and agency for which you put on a test. Two (2) of these may be mock tests, arranged and supervised by an NSDA Principal Evaluator.